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We regularly run a variety of workshops, Pilates continuing professional development training, wellness retreats, and many other events. Please visit our news page to see our previous events. In-depth learning, while having fun!

We offer professional education in the field of pilates, instructor courses, training, and workshops in Poland as well as in other countries. We prepare professional pilates trainers, not only technically but with sharing knowledge and experience with them. We also organize trips to secluded, beautiful places designed to restore balance in the body and mind, working with other specialists, such as dietitians and masseurs, whilst promoting a healthy, comprehensive lifestyle.

The knowledge and method of conducting my courses are not only of a learned technique or just passing information obtained from my teachers. It is a long process of adapting the acquired knowledge, studies on the human body, and years of experience as a dancer and as a pilates instructor. It is knowledge behind which there is a lot of pain associated with a serious problem with my spine. Lumbar hernia surgery and the diagnosis of doctors that I will never dance again … They were wrong … or rather they had no idea about the effectiveness of PILATES.

Today, after years of studying the body anatomy, as well as consistent and systematic practice, I consider myself the best example that this method works! This does not mean, however, that PILATES is only for people struggling with back pain !!! The versatility of this technique is unlimited and the range of benefits resulting from its practicing, infinite.

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