Curriculum vitae

Greta Polanska Moidinis

Greta Polanska Moidinis

Greta’s Pilates – Feel the difference

Nationality: Polish
Languages: Polish, English and Greek

Lecturer at the Academy of Music in Łódź in functional anatomy and pilates movement. BASI Certified Pilates Instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. Author of a handbook for learning pilates in the field of mat exercises.

Skilled in Contemporary Dance, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, and Public Speaking. Strong community and social services professional, graduated from Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu.



2018 – 2021

Academy of Music – Łódź

Lecturer in functional anatomy, stage, and pilates movement at the Academy of Music in Łódź. The offered studies are in the field of Choreography and Somatology in dance and movement.

Master’s Degree

1999 – 2000

University of Mickiewicza – Poznan

Master’s degree in artistic pedagogy in improvisation and the influence on modern dance

Bachelor’s Degree

1995 – 1996

University of Mickiewicza – Poznan

Bachelor degree in artistic education, specializing in the teaching of theater organizations

Dance Teacher

1995 – 1996

School of Culture and Dance – Wrocław

Dance teacher degree

Professional Experience

Greta’s Pilates

2009 – Today

Pilates Instructor

With the successful completion of the BASI (Body Arts and Science International Pilates) certification training, as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, I started focusing my career as a pilates instructor.

During this period I developed a very deep knowledge of the pilates technique and have developed very creative ways to offer my knowledge to my students

My latest career aspirations are focused on offering my experience and knowledge to as many people as possible. This is why I have been organizing advanced international pilates workshops and instructor courses in Greece, England, and Poland.

To further develop my understanding of ways to motivate and educate people I authored a very comprehensive pilates manual for teachers in Polish. The book is in three major parts offering deep muscular anatomy explanations of the Pilates technique and 3 levels of pilates mat exercises with detailed illustrations and thorough explanations.

Pilates is not my job but my passion in life. My driving force is the satisfaction and knowledge that I can give to my students, so they can get the most out of pilates and help as many people as possible.

For several years, I have been running instructor courses for pilates teachers at all levels and according to my own system.


2019 – 2021

Training professional marathon runners

I trained and prepared professional marathon runners, who with my training managed to break their personal best times and, and achieved their best positions in marathons.


2020 – 2021

Pilates coach of the national figure skating team

I trained figure skaters, including the Olympic pair of the Polish national team.

Academy of Music in Łódź

2018 – 2021

Lecturer at Academy of Music

I am a lecturer in functional anatomy, stage and pilates movement at the Academy of Music in Łódź. The fields of study are Choreography and Somatology in dance and movement


2004 – 2008

Artistic Director

For 6 years I had my own dance school in Volos, Greece. In my school, I was offering dance lessons to children, teenagers, and adults. The main style of dance was contemporary dance but other dance techniques were also offered to students.

During this period I organized many performances based on my personal choreographies.

Additional Achievements

Pilates Record


Polish record of the largest pilates lesson

Over 300 student of the “Copernicus” high school took part in the largest pilates lesson in Poland. An event organized by the school in cooperation with Greta’s Pilates.

“Copernicus”, the third high school in Kalisz is not only a place of intellectual determination, but it also cares about the proper physical condition of it’s students.

One of the projects promoting a healthy lifestyle at school was the successful attempt to break the Polish record of the largest Pilates lesson. The event attracted many students as well as teachers and turned out to be a great way to have fun.

Athens 2004

Athens 2004 event and Choreographies, Volos Greece

Artistic director of a series of choreographies in collaboration with the Prefecture of Magnesia in the context of events for the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”

Dance Teacher

1999 – 2000

Center of culture and Dance, Kalisz – Poland

For three years I was a contemporary dance teacher in a public school for dance and culture based in Kalisz, Poland. During this period I also had my dance company TAO that comprised of 7 dancers.

Participated in shows, happenings, and contests with my personal choreographies and achieved 1st and 2nd prize at Polish dance festivals for dancing and choreography.

Athens 2004 event and Choreographies, Volos Greece

Alter’s modern dance theater is one of Poland’s top theatrical institutes of the country. As a contemporary dancer, I have participated in many performances in Poland, Germany, France, Lithuania, and Japan.

Additionally, during this period, I was a teacher of contemporary dance at the
Youth Center of Culture B. Bronievski

2001 : Selected out of 200 dancers by American choreographer Risa Jaroslow for my participation in a dance group for performing choreographies in collaboration with American dancers and a traditional band of Polish music and choir.

1999 : Selected out of 100 dancers by the famous Swiss choreographer Philippe Sair for my participation in a dance group.

1995: Participation in a selected after competition dance group of 3 people with performances in the city of Kioso in Japan

Skills and Endorsements


  • Sought out creative ways to teach Pilates
  • Specialization in lower back pain problems
  • Deep muscular anatomy knowledge
  • Author of a teacher’s book for Pilates
  • Certified by BASI® as a Pilates Instructor
  • Organizer of International Pilates workshops
  • Director of dance school experience
  • Enjoy motivating and supporting students