Dear visitor, thank you for visiting my website… following are a few details of who I am and how I got into Pilates teaching

A few words about me

My name is Greta Polanska – Moidini. I was born and grew up in the city of Kalisz, which the oldest city of Poland. Since I remember I was always dancing and also active in different kinds of sports. A girl full of energy and creativity that loved contemporary dance, so much that it became the way of my life. Lucky enough I was fortunate to be a dancer for many years in ALTER, one of the best Polish Dance Theatres. I became a dance teacher and choreographer too with a lot personal success in Poland and abroad.

As a dancer I was traveling a lot and taking part in many dance festivals and workshops all over my country and abroad and in one of them ( many years ago ) I had the opportunity to try out a mat class workshop for Pilates. I thought back then that pilates exercises were a great warm up exercise routine for dancers and that’s it. I didn’t go deeper to learn and find out more about this technique.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans

Years later, life brought me to Greece… I got married, had a son and very soon later I opened my own dance school. My baby son was only 10 months old when I was getting ready to start my dance school. No sleeping for 10 months ( mothers know what I am talking about ) plus a lot of physical work to prepare the school and soon later lots of dance lessons… all that ended with a diagnosis of 2 hernias in my lumbar spine. The pain and disappointment disheartened me as I felt like my artistic life is over. Needless to say that the first year of my school was all about trying to survive.

I tried all therapies imaginable in order to minimize the pain but… at some point I couldn’t even walk and eventually I had to undergo spine surgery. Going to the clinic I was ready to operate both of my hernias but during the surgery the doctor decided to operate only on one of them as the other was inoperable and could become worse with the operation. I was so disappointed when I found out about that because I wanted to have my body at 100% and continue my dance career.

Pilates is a way of life

pilates-at-the-seaI heard a lot of good things about Pilates so I said to myself : “Lets try that “! This is the turning point in my life as a new adventure starts called “Pilates“. I was a bit fortunate also as I was lucky to get my Pilates education foundations at BASI, one of the best Pilates schools in the world! The knowledge I got from the amazing BASI teachers, would completely change the way I see the human body.

Through really hard work by using the pilates technique I realized how wrongly I was using my body before and why I ended up with a spine problem. Time, self practice and many more studies around this subject, helped me and still helps me to live without pain. I managed to stabilize my pelvis and spine and most importantly … I am able to dance again!!! Practicing Pilates didn’t mean that my hernia disappeared… no …its still there but well covered by strong muscles, good stabilization and proper care. My experience has allowed me to help others with similar problems and I feel very happy about that.

So, as you see, Pilates is a big part of my life, not only because I like it, not only because it is the best of all the techniques and for sure not because it is in fashion. I like pilates first of all because it is good for me and I enjoy sharing this feeling with others.