PARP (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości)

PARP has implemented the “Development and maintenance of the nationwide Development Services Register” for Poland. The project goal is to provide universal access to high-quality development services provided to enterprises and employees. The co-financing for the project is with European funds as part of the European Social Fund.

The Development Services Database is available on the portal.

It is a free-access database of development services offered in various forms (including: training, vocational courses, counseling, postgraduate studies, mentoring or coaching), thanks to which institutions and individuals can develop competencies and pursue intended educational and business goals.

Greta’s Pilates has been certified as an Academy of Education and Greta Polanska Moidini has been certified as a Personal Trainer by VCC. With the certifications, Greta’s Pilates services can be co-financed for individuals and businesses seeking heath and fitness education. All of the active PARP sponsored workshops can be found below and the PARP webite.

How to get funding for my training

The following local offices cooperate with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, which should be personally addressed. From the PARP training list, select the training you are interested in, register it with your local branch and sign a contract with them.

Kalisa – the Kalisz Business Incubator Foundation includes Jarocin
Pleszew, Powiat Kaliski, Kalisz, tel. 62 7641242, 62 7656060
– Ostrowskie Centrum Wspierania Przedsiębiorstw includes Krotoszyn, Ostrów, Ostrzeszów, Powiat Kępiński

Łódź – Lodz Special Economic Zone, free helpline 800 801 321
– Lodz Regional Development Agency tel. 42 208 12 22
– Łódź Business House 798 789 500
– HRP Groups 42 208 06 06

Białystok – for enterprises Voivodship Labor Office
85 74 97 221
for natural persons City Hall 85 8696870

Kraków – for enterprises Małopolska
Regional Development Agency 12 3073215
– for individuals. Voivodship Labor Office info direction: career, Anna Buczek 12 6198409

Current PARP co-financed trainings