Pilates Online Videos

Welcome to my On-demand and Live online video service!

Here you can find all of my recorded and live lessons in an easy to use interface.

  • Live Lessons: Each week  I will be offering 3 live lessons, scheduled at 19:00, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All live lessons will be uploaded and be available as an On-Demand video.
  • On Demand Videos: My On-Demand video service will contain all of the Live Lessons that I have recorded as well as recorded lessons for specific issues or pilates techniques. These will be pilates lessons Back Pain, Exercises at Work, etc.
  • Membership/Subscription: My goal is to offer my lessons to as many people as possible and at the same time be able to support the costs of the video processing/hosting. This is why I have decided to release them as an affordable monthly subscription membership.

I hope that you will enjoy my lessons and benefit from them.

Best Regards,

Live Lessons

Lessons On-Demand