Social Media Accounts

At Greta’s Pilates, we constantly strive to make the experience of accessing our services as easy as possible. That is why from today it is possible to register and login on our website with 3 of the most popular social media accounts. Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn!

This isn’t only available to our new members but also for our existing ones. Here are a few screenshots of what to expect.

New members

In order to create a new account on our website, you can either go to My Account or create an account during the checkout process of a purchase.

My Account

Purchasing Registration

Existing Members

Existing members can link their existing account with a social media account by going to My Account and then selecting Account Details from the bottom left. It is really simple to link the account, for example all that is needed is to click on the Link account to Facebook. If you are already logged in to Facebook that is all that is needed, otherwise you will need to login to your Facebook account to provide access.

Link account to Facebook

Account Linked to Facebook

Log in

With your social media account linked to your Greta’s Pilates account, it is really easy to log in. Just visit My Account and then select your social media account to gain access.

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