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Embrace mindful movement, exercise in sync, and fortify your physique. This is your safe space for tranquility, deliberate motion, and building resilience in body, mind and anergy.

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The Greta's Pilates method

The Greta's Pilates approach is an integration of insights gained from my period in life as a professional contemporary dancer, an in-depth study of the BASI Pilates method, and over two decades of teaching. This holistic methodology weaves together the fluidity of dance, the foundational principles of classical Pilates, musclular and sceletal anatomy and elements drawn from diverse disciplines and spiritual practices such as Tai Chi and Yoga.

Correct posture

Central to my Pilates technique is the emphasis on correct posture, a fundamental aspect for overall well-being and effective movement. Each client undergoes a comprehensive posture analysis during their initial session. This assessment allows to craft a personalized exercise program tailored specifically to their needs. By focusing on the unique postural requirements of each client, I ensure a foundation of proper alignment, setting the stage for more efficient movement and a reduced risk of injury.

Greta's Pilates

Range of motion

Enhancing the range of motion is another pillar of my distinctive Pilates method. Targeted stretching exercises are meticulously designed to address imbalances and realign the body. This focus on flexibility works to expand the body’s natural range of motion, promoting fluidity and grace in movement. By rectifying asymmetries and extending the limits of flexibility, my approach not only improves physical performance but also contributes to a sense of liberation and ease in daily activities.

Greta's Pilates

Low impact

The third key component of our technique is its low-impact nature, which is beneficial for joint health and longevity. Through the utilization of deep muscle exercises with specialized Pilates apparatus and equipment, I deliver an intense workout that minimizes strain on the body. This approach allows for strengthening of the core and stabilizing muscles without the harsh impact associated with other forms of exercise, making it suitable for individuals at all levels of fitness and physical considerations.

Why should I choose Greta's Pilates?

Greta's Pilates

What you will get for your health and fitness

  • Customized Programs: Initial posture analysis to create tailored exercise plans.

  • Injury Prevention: Focus on correct posture reduces the risk of injury.

  • Individual Attention: Personalized approach to meet your unique fitness needs.

  • Holistic Wellbeing: Incorporation of mind-body disciplines like Tai Chi and Yoga.

  • Improved Flexibility: Targeted stretching exercises to enhance range of motion.

  • Body Realignment: Exercises designed to address imbalances and promote alignment.

  • Low-Impact Workouts: Protects joints while effectively strengthening muscles.

  • Deep Muscle Activation: Utilizes Pilates apparatus for profound muscle engagement.

  • Experienced Instruction: Over 20 years of professional experience in Pilates and dance.

  • Versatile Fitness: Suitable for all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

  • Sustainable Health: Focus on long-term fitness and wellness, not just immediate results

  • Mindful Movement: Emphasis on conscious, deliberate exercise for mental and physical harmony.

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