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Gretas Pilates Blog 

"Welcome to our blog page, where you can explore a world of Pilates knowledge, with a particular focus on clinical Pilates, wellness retreats, Pilates instructor courses, and themed Pilates workshops. Here, you will find a wealth of articles and resources that delve into the intricacies of Pilates practice and its transformative benefits. Immerse yourself in the world of clinical Pilates, where targeted exercises and techniques are utilized to address specific injuries, improve rehabilitation, and enhance overall physical well-being. Our articles provide valuable insights into the principles and practices of clinical Pilates, offering guidance on how it can be effectively integrated into your fitness routine."

“I highly recommend Greta’s pilates. Very professional and individual approach!! I felt huge progress just after first session. And after continuing to exercise with Greta, pain in my neck disappeared!!! I was struggling for more then a year to find a help. Nobody was so professional as she is!"
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